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Juggaar.com is a life hacking website with a localized taste of life hacking. Mainly focusing on computers, hardware, gadgets, internet and real life situation or recreational hacks and rigs known as Juggaars in Urdu.

Juggaar.com is the first Pakistani life hacking blog.

Juggaar is not just a Pakistani version of hacking - hacking infact has been bred in Pakistan. The world’s first computer virus, Brain virus - Made in Lahore, was not the starter. Pakistani poor and rich alike have the tendency to rig up everything for custom use or sometimes just for fun. You might call it a rich man’s entrepreneurship or a poor man’s innovation.

Any computer and mobile related cracking or intrusion tricks explained on this site are for penetration testing and educational purposes only. The site intends to create awareness among the users of securing their devices or identities against hacking attacks and does not promote illegally invading other people's devices or identities. Images on this site are either self acquired or are free to share images. Any report of infringement can be made to the email address given below.

Juggaar was selected among top 75 companies in Startup Cup 2015 at Islamabad.

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Juggaar is being maintained, coded and run by a one-man-team as of yet, but I would welcome any regular contributors, quality and on-topic guest posts or Juggaar submissions for me to post. — Hassan.

To join as a writer or for other queries, email to: info@juggaar.com

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  • A free name@juggaar.com email address.
  • Premium blog membership (insight on unposted Juggaars).
  • Credited posts.

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