Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Manage projects with Gmail stars

If you are having trouble with managing projects because they are not complicated enough to go for a full fledged project management software yet they are on your nerves because of their quantity and current status, a spreadsheet might not prove to be your best productivity tool, albeit a side reference option.

It is obvious that simple but multiple projects need on time email responses and follow ups. As per my previous suggestions of sticking to email convenience using hacky fully email based web services like Oh life, Follow Up Then and, there's a way to solve all your problems related to multiple projects by simply using custom stars with your gmail inbox (that can be enabled from gmail settings).

As seen in the image on left, gmail stars can be very useful in marking status of a project's latest email and updating the star with  few clicks after the status changes right in the email and without having to invest time elsewhere; some times investing time in order to be productive in the long term is also a luxury you don't have - time is something that can always be well spent doing other things that you would rather be focusing on at this stage and minor lifehacks let you be more flexible to such stages of your start up.

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