Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hello #Self

I once posted my secret recipe of getting my email notifications on sms in Pakistan (and most other countries) using any cell phone for free. This time I'm trying something in reverse. I regularly use followupthen to setup email reminders right from my email inbox that bounce back to my inbox at the time of my choice... this is exceedingly convenient for people like me always having the inbox open while using the PC. I can keep track of all emails via sms, log in whenever I get an important email and send myself reminders (which I also get on sms since they bounce back to me on email and hence tweet forwarded to sms).

Next up was setting up notes to self via sms while I was on the move and as it can be seen, my (and probably your) inbox can be taken as a communication hub turned personal assistant. A few years ago, I used to get this done by the Telenor's delay sms (which later stopped working and, eventually, I ported away from the service due to poor network). Now I thought of going for a sure way and reversing the Gmail to SMS hack seemed a great idea. All I had to do to upgrade the Gmail to SMS hack was to create an exception in my gmail to avoid forwarding any emails matching, in addition to the prior exception for, to the bot and hence avoiding a "loop forever" (if you were not using this before, you don't have to worry about it).

The steps for setting up hack are simple:
  1. Create and connect your twitter bot to ifttt if you haven't already done it or if you are not using the Gmail to SMS recipe.
  2. Create a recipe in ifttt to forward tweets with the hashtag #self to your email.
  3. Connect your Pakistani cell number with (register if you don't have an account).
  4. Connect your twitter bot (having protected tweets) with their app from the twitter tab in menu.
  5. Send "tw Hello #Self" from your registered cell number to's number (0331-4233541 << you see this is just a regular number and you can send free SMS to it from your regular bundles) and it will be emailed to you as a note to self via SMS (For noobs: any messages containing #self will be forwarded to your email).
Note: If you are using Gmail to SMS recipe, you will also get an sms confirmation of your reminder right away as the bot tweets your SMS. This is due to following the bot with SMS notifications for tweets with your original account.

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