Friday, October 3, 2014

The juggaar!

The Juggaar concept gets validation. An Urdu / Hindi terminology that gives a unique meaning to the Juggaar concept. Written in roman script as jugaad, ṛē (pronounced half d, and a strong r at the same time). Although the topic had previous coverage internationally and the topic is explained on other websites in addition to my introductory first post, the current article on The Economic Times further validates how the concept is supposed to be a valid one specifically built to work frugally in the societies like Pakistan, India etc. The concept is not just valid as a hacky home made innovation but also being taken over as management style by multinationals to minimize the load on the work force, the equipment and the finances in situations where frugal hacks and workarounds actually perform much better than expensive solutions.
juggarh or juggard ending with the pronunciation of Urdu letter

If that is not enough, take a look at the about us page of this blog and see how websites all over the world quote juggaars from this site. ;)

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