Monday, September 1, 2014

What does your cell number say about you?

Inspired by What your email address says about you?

Mobilink (0300): Business man, old time cell user or aged man.

Mobilink (other codes): Really needs to get a good cell service.

Ufone (0333): Got a his first cell phone in 2000s or probably a free SIM.

Ufone (other codes): Ufone for night packages.

Telenor (0345): Techie, cool, or has been an sms fan before it was cool to sms.

Telenor (other codes): Techie, caught up with the cell phones too late, just for the talk shawk packages.

Zong: (0313 or other code): I need cheap call rates and free offers. Period.

Zong (0314): Probably dragged along when Paktel became Zong or same as above.

Warid (0321 or other code): Army man (foji) or banker.

These stereotypes can probably not tell about the MNP users (the ones who ported their networks keeping old numbers)... but they still make some pretty prejudiced assumptions ;)

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