Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pinning your post on top of a facebook group (without admin rights)

Facebook groups usually keep the posts with the recent most reply on the top. Admins are further given the rights to pin posts to the top of the group for any period of time so that they get more views. But since you can't be an admin at any or every random and large facebook group you are a member of, your post goes down with the hustle and bustle in the groups posts that have discussions going on them. Soon you'd find your post far below.

Now commenting on your own post where no one has commented is not something one can do, or atleast not more than once to bring the post back on top. However, if you post anything in the comment, and then delete it, the post does not go back to the bottom. It means, the checks that keep a post on top are not on whether the post has a recent comment on it, rather on the post that has had a recent activity on it (even if that comment was deleted). This can be used to manually keep a post on the top of a group by commenting (even a single letter) and deleting your own comment from time to time till you don't want it on top any more. You can ofcourse delete and repost it too but the new time stamps will be noticed and admins will get pissed off.

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