Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oh life!

If you are used to writing a daily journal; a personal diary, it is likely that you shifted to the internet (after Y2k?). You might be blogging, sharing on facebook or just sending an email to yourself if you want to keep it private. But that some how doesn't seem to be a good collection. If I had to do it, I'd create a private blog over blogger and turn on the secret email address to post all my journals to it by email (since I love email, I have it open all the time, it's now synonymous to me to grabbing a pen and paper for a quick note - yes I use gmail tasks for the quick notes btw). I even write to my future self for reminders of things-to-do using followupthen.

But if you are not just satisfied with a private blog and you want it right in your email inbox you might want to try a journaling web app that works right from your email like followupthen. was good as far as productivity heat maps were concerned, but it's not really a journaling app and nor is followupthen.

Ohlife fills that gap for the email lovers.  OhLife shares your past journals back to you (only you, no sharing; no social) every now and then while you write new ones and reminds you every day to write a note about your day. After a while it gets good as you create an account of your everyday activity on the app.

If you are using another journaling app or, like me, you too find a private non-published blog on blogger (or something like emailing yourself) to be the first elegant thing that comes to your mind, leave a comment.

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