Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Maintain productivity chain with Bania.io

Bania.io lets you send an email to WalkEveryDay@bania.io whenever you take a walk and the website will start giving you output, charts with proper shades and a productivity chain for your tasks that you regularly email to bania.io. You can send emails for WeekendHike@bania.io every weekend and it will record how often you have missed your hikes on weekends. There is no login involved and no settings needed, the charts are automatically sent to your email inbox so there's no need of an extra layer of security. Like my previous post about FollowUpThen, the focus is on getting your email to work for you right from your inbox instead of logging in to different websites, maintaining accounts. Email is something that has already been made secure and easy to handle. There would be almost no one on the internet that would not use email. Getting most out of email is one of the simplest way of productivity hacking and bania.io gives you the clean graphical side of it.

On every email, Bania.io replies you with a heatmap of your streak. As you keep repeating, the chart spreads over the calender letting you find out how regular you have been over days and months.

Although this might be quiet handy for those looking to improve their productivity in real life, now wonder what an internet hacker could do with a tool like this. For starters, I would go for a combo... combining IFTTT, FollowUpThen and Bania.io automating your internet tasks without even having to regularly email bania.io manually. Okay... so thinking out loud; how about creating a report about how often you (actively) use Facebook (check for triggers), or how often you receive / send email, or perhaps how often you follow up on tasks that you put in your google drive / dropbox? The possibilities are as much as the resources on internet ;)

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