Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Apparent block in gmail

Gmail doesn't support blocking and if you don't just want to delete all incoming mail from a sender or report it as spam; instead want to send a response to the sender, there's a work around. Enable canned responses in Gmail labs (in settings). Then write the message you want to send in response to the sender. Create a filter that sends canned response whenever mail arrives from that specific sender. The sender will think he's blocked if you copy and edit a formal block message from another service or write one yourself.

The sender will receive a message from yourid.cannedresponse@gmail.com so if he's aware of the canned response lab (most people have no idea about it as it is still an experiment by gmail), he'll know that you are using this work around but if your filter is also deleting the mail along with sending canned response, it has the same deterrence as a block response message.

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