Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sync between Dropbox, Google drive and OneDrive

After a long search for cloud syncing mechanisms that do not involve your PC to first download and then re-upload the files wasting precious bandwidth, and certainly not involving any paid accounts, MultCloud is the nearest solution with a outlook and windows 8 like web theme. It allows you to sync remotely between all mainstream cloud services without downloading the data first. The files are directly copied between the services - finally you can get the best of all your favourite services, sync between them and even use all their combined space for a larger storage for free. Now remotely downloading torrents to dropbox is only one of the magic things you can get from cloud.

The only caveat is that the website needs a lot of features inspite of its user friendly theme. Any syncing between the services has to be done manually by copy pasting the files or folders as displayed in the multcloud console. This is very user friendly if it is to be done for the sake of backing up, but not for continuous syncing. IFTTT would still be a better method for continuously syncing files. What multcloud needs to beat everything else in its competition is a feature that makes continuous two way syncing between the services fully automated. That is, virtual directories created in OneDrive (for example) copy or take in the data from dropbox (for backup). Or anything added to one service automatically updates in the other without having to login to multcloud. This would not only bring alot of free users to multcloud (which would then ofcourse like to upgrade for its current premium services) but also make the multcloud users refer much more friends to the network turning it into a hub for cloud management

The biggest turn off for multcloud is that you have to keep the console open till all your files are synced between the services or the connection is broken (and on top of it, the transfer is quite slow if you are copying a multitude of files and sub folders). So even if you did it manually, you have to stay on the web page. That hardly makes it the best of the remote syncing services, but it's a good starter as its very user friendly interface makes up for the rest.

Some alternative services are ZeroPC (1 Gb/bandwidth per month for free users) and Storage Made Easy (2 Gb/bandwidth per month for free users). However, their FAQs show almost exactly same features and unless better flexibility, higher transfer speed and the option of closing the browser (transferring in background) are not their plus points they do not stack up well at all against the unlimited bandwidth of the free multcloud service.

For now, I only use it for creating one time back ups from DropBox to OneDrive. If there's a service that catches up with the idea of unattended automation (without involving premium ofcourse), feel free to drop in comments and I will update this post.

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