Friday, July 4, 2014

Remotely download torrents to dropbox

I wanted to download torrents directly instead of leaving my computer on and waiting for those slow seeders who often even went offline. Previously I shared how to download a torrent file as a normal download which covered this to some extent. turned out to be something that would allow up to 1 GB free torrent downloads as normal files... now the issue with them is that you've to open the website and get your download and wait till it completes. does it even better. It allows you to link your dropbox account to your boxopus free account and lets you download the file to your dropbox account, which dropbox will automatically sync to your computer or other devices. Now we know that dropbox checks for illegal and pirated files by checking the meta data. Hopefully any movies you download wont be a problem until you publicly share those files as those checks are performed on the publicly shared dropbox folders.

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