Saturday, December 21, 2013

10 Things Unchanged in 100 Years

With a juggaar for everything and new engineering applications rapidly developing some things remain reliable as ever:

1. Railway:


Locomotives are still one of the economical ways to chug along the heavy payloads on the land.

2. Telephone:


Still more reliable than a cell phone and used mostly for businesses and home numbers and we fall back to them as safety nets when cell networks go down.

3. Rifle:


Both in hunting and in military, rifles have evolved significantly but are still the primary weapons.

4. Iron:


Although multiple alternative processes and mechanisms have been invented for mass ironing of clothes and the new era presents us with "wash and wear" clothes; with the advent of nanotechnology we are further developing towards perfectly 'ironed' clothes without actually ironing them. Irons how ever still remain an essential equipment of domestic use in every home because clothing relates to culture and is always going to have a blend of the past in it.

5. Books:


While this is one of the most affected things by computers, internet, e-commerce and even tablet PCs, books are not going away any time soon. They have been (arguably) the oldest means of storing information we know and will stay even along with computerized capabilities. Now the debate is, what all categories of information will move to the internet and computer culture and what will stick to the tradition. Or will it be in another kind of division?

6. Automobile:


With more than significant improvements automobiles / cars have evolved to a great extent but the internal combustion engine has (unfortunately) stayed for a long time and is going to be a part of our travel for the near future. It's time we convert to greener engines and mechanisms but that doesn't mean automobiles are going to go away. Humans seem to be comfortable with relatively near land travel on these ;)

7. Sail boat:


These, once primary means of travel, have now become a major shore side sporting activity as well as a leisure & adventure travelling means.

8. Acoustic musical equipment:


Another one, related to culture, which is not going to away in near or far future. Electronic music has added new blends to the music culture, but the acoustic music has morphed in the modern music as well as kept its place as classical music equipment.

9. Incandescent light bulb:


Since the corporate war which Tesla struggled in against Edison, bulbs have remained in use in one form or another. 'Energy savor' bulbs have mostly replaced the common use in household which too are now being replaced by LEDs, however, the incandescent bulbs are still in places where they are considered more dispensable since they cost lower than 'energy savors' although much less energy efficient. The LEDs are, however, going to change this fact and the era of incandescent bulbs seems to end atleast from domestic use in near future.

10. Toilet flush:


Perfected around 1880, it's uses one of the simplest 'control systems' invented - the float valve and seems to have made its place in the domestic technologies to stay for foreseeable future.


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