Monday, November 4, 2013

Workaround Facebook's "seen" feature

If you are tired of people knowing when you've seen their private messages, here are three simple hacks you can choose from to remove that "seen" remark from their inbox ;)

  1. Preview: Just drop down the messages menu and check out a preview of the message without marking as read.
  2. Mark as unread: if you want to read the full message, do so and then mark the message as unread from the options and browse away from that page without opening it again. The "seen" mark will get removed from the other user's inbox.
  3. Delete conversation: If you remove the whole conversation from your inbox, then too the "seen" mark is removed from inbox of the user you were chatting with.
In addition to these three options, blocking or deactivating your profile will also result in the "seen" mark being removed.

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