Saturday, September 7, 2013

What you hate, defines you...

What you hate, defines you just like what you love defines you.

Whether or not you’re going to hate is a separate question; hate can be just as defining as love. Hate, like love, drives change and motivation. As an agent of change, hate can actually improve your situations.

Perhaps hating your job lead you to become an entrepreneur, hating the bureaucracy at educational system made you defy it, maybe hating to see people suffer inspired you to volunteer and make a difference.

Hate drives defiance. It might create the lone, wild and strange Byronic hero out of you but it defines what you value. It gives real meaning to what you care about or believe in.

Defining your line of hatred clarifies what you will not tolerate; what you will not endure or accommodate.

Hate, like love, is focus; it makes you strong and it protects you.

The hate brings about the motivation, clarity to see through the instinctive reactions and focus to solve problems that are not acceptable to you.

When your heart starts to beat faster, it sends a signal to your brain, temporarily shutting it down, your mid-brain takes control; instincts and training take over the rationalization and reasoning - it's fight or flight.

Hating what is unacceptable to you makes you passionate about changing it. This embeds into the subconscious and becomes values. When you only have your instincts and training to define you for the time, values are the only things that are the constitution of the self; like honour; they remind you it is what you would do again every time given the same choice in the same situation.

To hate, like honour and love, is to stand up for your values and beliefs. It is to differentiate your emotions from an adrenaline rush, saying you must stand up for what you believe.

To hate is... perspective. It can be productive or destructive.

The power of hatred, like honour and love, can make your values and beliefs intentional. It can inspire you, it can make you inspire others... to change the things you find unacceptable.

To love is to inspire and to empower. To hate is to reject, to fear, to abandon or to resist. Both emotions define the self.

You can use it to destroy the world, or uphold the one thing that makes you, you - your values.

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