Friday, September 13, 2013

Pring seamlessly patches technologies

Pring is an sms based social network that connects users over multiple technologies (SMS, Internet, Mobile / Notebook browsers) and also offers to update and integrate the traditional social networks on the go. This, in my opinion, is another life hack.

Pakistan is a country which uses multiple technologies and hosts all kinds of users. SMS, however, has turned out to be Pakistan's favourite. So much so that the mobile carriers started cut throat competition to reduce SMS prices to the limits they were never seen before. Pakistan became one of the world's largest SMS bandwidth users in 2009. When almost every one had near-free access to a technology such as SMS which was supported on even the cheapest cell phone, a social network based on that technology was not only the way to identify a market need for a swarm of users but it also seamlessly patched them to the rest of the internet.

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