Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dead Drop

The Dead Drop project aims to 'un-cloud' your data. The idea employs peer to peer file sharing as an offline, unconnected, service. Anyone may stud their wall with a USB directly cemented into it with only the metal port showing and easily accessible by pubic yet being unmodified by any software and with read-write access. This will enable any passer by to connect their laptop computer(s) to the USB and download or upload files to the storage. This takes the freedom of distribution of information to the physical, free, public space; the city. A collection of stand alone storage devices with total freedom to distribution of data as the project's manifesto states. Although the freedom of distribution has not been breached that much by anti piracy acts but some fear it to be breached by governments' access to the cloud servers. The Dead Drop project seems to resolve a non intricate, yet raw but effective, reaction to that.

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