Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hanger mounted laptop

Yes, it is as ridiculous as the caption, but it's working and it's frugal. So this South Asian life hack (juggaar) has made it to the top of today's posts. The ergonomics are now at a new level.

Bottle as pipe extension

Another life hack that is native to Pakistan is the depicted extension of a pipe with a bottle to fill in the bucket when the only tap you have working is the one with your sink. And yes, that happens alot.

Converted bike for Handicapped

A normal motorbike converted at a workshop for use by the handicapped. Custom modified bikes by local mechanics is a much common trend in Pakistan.

Bottle slipper

A throwaway bottle turned slipper for temporary use. Easily usable over wet grass lawn.

Equality doesn't mean justice

Equality doesn't mean justice.

Two story caravan trailer

A fully furnished, two story, caravan trailer is likely a much better option than the usual caravan bus / van if you want to be on a moving home.

Anti-cheat helmets

Bangkok university makes students wear anti-cheating helmets during mid-term exams.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Water Heater Juggaar

Gas powered water heater. A metal pipe with a high heat transfer rate and a ceramic cylinder with a high heat capacity is all that is needed other than the stove and the water source.

Fish tank table

Instead of placing an aquarium in a shelf or an alcove, try placing one into your center table with some back lights.

Laptop Table

Create a laptop table out of a wood panel that allows you to place it over your easy chair arm rests.

Lifting stones

Exercise equipment wasn't always high tech.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dead Drop

The Dead Drop project aims to 'un-cloud' your data. The idea employs peer to peer file sharing as an offline, unconnected, service. Anyone may stud their wall with a USB directly cemented into it with only the metal port showing and easily accessible by pubic yet being unmodified by any software and with read-write access. This will enable any passer by to connect their laptop computer(s) to the USB and download or upload files to the storage. This takes the freedom of distribution of information to the physical, free, public space; the city. A collection of stand alone storage devices with total freedom to distribution of data as the project's manifesto states. Although the freedom of distribution has not been breached that much by anti piracy acts but some fear it to be breached by governments' access to the cloud servers. The Dead Drop project seems to resolve a non intricate, yet raw but effective, reaction to that.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Microwave inconsitancy?

Dear confused,

Your food had less water content and the microwave's frequency (2.45 GHz) is best matched to excite & heat up water. Now the plate having less heat capacity got hotter first.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Graphical calculations in google

Search this in google:

sqrt(x*x+y*y)+3*cos(sqrt(x*x+y*y))+5 from -20 to 20

This plots a graph. Google now brings graphical calculations after the ability to search for normal 1+1 calculations in the google search bar.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fishing with light

Chinese fishermen using fire to attract fish at night.

Keeping the soil moist

This agricultural life hack allows to let the soil retain more water by placing a bottle with holes underground with the opening on the level.

Hanging rail

Life hacks can be expensive some times, but they are worth it in the long term. Hanging rail in Germany eliminates crowding in the traffic and routes by recycling real estate and using the same routes as the roads.


Lifestraw, with its built in filters enables the users to drink water from any stream on the go or in rural areas. Engineers without borders, for what it is worth, can do a lot to help the community.

Slide with stairs

How many would take the slide on the way down instead of all those stairs?

Plugging without a plug

Potentially dangerous but a much used juggaar in Pakistan and South Asia. After the plug gets damaged, Just hook it up to the socket with scraped matchsticks or pieces of wood.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pring seamlessly patches technologies

Pring is an sms based social network that connects users over multiple technologies (SMS, Internet, Mobile / Notebook browsers) and also offers to update and integrate the traditional social networks on the go. This, in my opinion, is another life hack.

Pakistan is a country which uses multiple technologies and hosts all kinds of users. SMS, however, has turned out to be Pakistan's favourite. So much so that the mobile carriers started cut throat competition to reduce SMS prices to the limits they were never seen before. Pakistan became one of the world's largest SMS bandwidth users in 2009. When almost every one had near-free access to a technology such as SMS which was supported on even the cheapest cell phone, a social network based on that technology was not only the way to identify a market need for a swarm of users but it also seamlessly patched them to the rest of the internet.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Optimum angles for using a computer.

Birds use cigarette butts as insecticide

Urban birds have learnt to line their nests with cigarette butts. Nicotine is a powerful insecticide that wards off mites, lice and fleas.

Lunchbox CPU casing

Since I already posted two not so conventional CPU casings, I guess I should also go ahead with this unbelievable one. The lunchbox; inclusive of the power supply. Did some one need a portable computer?

Techie table casing for CPU

Talking of CPU casings, this one caters for the mother board and all other circuits in side the table itself. Not very portable, but the shaded light and the sturdy table make up for the style and space.

Carton CPU casing

A carton can serve as a temporary CPU casing.

Torch rigged to bike

Torch rigged to the bike with tape to make up for the dysfunctional light.

Windows 8 on floppy

How many floppy disks would it take to fit windows 8?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Juggaar can be dangerous

While it is always frugal to use juggaars and hacks, some of them are very dangerous due to the nature of purpose they serve. Unless safety is kept in mind while using juggaar, they might not be worth it.

Pillar repair with tape takes the duct tape's universal solution to everything to a new level.

Floating slippers to hold the power extension - a really bad idea if it was to slip out of it or pushed into the water by mistake.

Convertible cycle storage

Pack up for picnics on a bicycle with storage and a table.

Solar Canals

India sets off to build solar canals; water channels covered with solar panels, to produce electricity while slowing down water loss.

Window AC fix

A self made holder for window AC.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Steel hinge for notebook

Some one got carried away with quality life hacking. Steel hinge for a notebook so that it doesn't break again even if the computer itself is no more.

Tow Juggaar

Efficient: towing while carrying.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013

What you hate, defines you...

What you hate, defines you just like what you love defines you.

Whether or not you’re going to hate is a separate question; hate can be just as defining as love. Hate, like love, drives change and motivation. As an agent of change, hate can actually improve your situations.

Perhaps hating your job lead you to become an entrepreneur, hating the bureaucracy at educational system made you defy it, maybe hating to see people suffer inspired you to volunteer and make a difference.

Hate drives defiance. It might create the lone, wild and strange Byronic hero out of you but it defines what you value. It gives real meaning to what you care about or believe in.

Defining your line of hatred clarifies what you will not tolerate; what you will not endure or accommodate.

Hate, like love, is focus; it makes you strong and it protects you.

The hate brings about the motivation, clarity to see through the instinctive reactions and focus to solve problems that are not acceptable to you.

When your heart starts to beat faster, it sends a signal to your brain, temporarily shutting it down, your mid-brain takes control; instincts and training take over the rationalization and reasoning - it's fight or flight.

Hating what is unacceptable to you makes you passionate about changing it. This embeds into the subconscious and becomes values. When you only have your instincts and training to define you for the time, values are the only things that are the constitution of the self; like honour; they remind you it is what you would do again every time given the same choice in the same situation.

To hate, like honour and love, is to stand up for your values and beliefs. It is to differentiate your emotions from an adrenaline rush, saying you must stand up for what you believe.

To hate is... perspective. It can be productive or destructive.

The power of hatred, like honour and love, can make your values and beliefs intentional. It can inspire you, it can make you inspire others... to change the things you find unacceptable.

To love is to inspire and to empower. To hate is to reject, to fear, to abandon or to resist. Both emotions define the self.

You can use it to destroy the world, or uphold the one thing that makes you, you - your values.

Hacky Nature Photography

Snow on the mountain reflected in the lake forms a birdesque image. Well angled photograph.

Wooden horse art

Wooden horse art.

Thursday, September 5, 2013