Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stand with the ideology of Pakistan!

Flag of Pakistan
You stand with the ideology of Pakistan? Affectee of Academic course work & Pakistan studies books. You think of using force to defend Pakistan? ISI agent. You start to loose hope in the nation after watching violence on media? Traitor. You consider the Pukhtoon culture as the nation's heritage? Racist. If you question drone attacks, there are those that will immediately label you a Taliban-supporter. If you question Pakistan’s need to fight, kill and capture terrorists, there are those that will immediately label you an American stooge. If you spell Ramadan correctly, you’re an Arabist. If you enjoy classical music, you’re a covert Hindu. You enjoy modern music? Secular. You want to make fraaandships with India? RAW agent. You want to honour the dedication with which the guardians of the Two Holy Mosques care for Makkah and Madinah? Wahabbist fundo. You talk of nuclear weapons? They'll label you as an elite citizen with no interest in improving the lives of the poor.

These labels are great fun. Mostly, they’re the domain of folks that are too busy to discern between the layers of complexity that defines the average person in the 21st century instead of helping their nation practically in its most vulnerable era.

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