Friday, July 19, 2013

Juggaar: Simplicity by definition

Juggaars are often risky life hacks and the most simple by definition. An example would be the development of space pen by NASA versus the use of pencils by the Russians.

Lead pencil contains graphite and the graphite dust conducts electricity. This was a hazard to the electrical equipment in space which made both NASA and the Soviets shift to the nitrogen pressurized space pen invented by Paul Fisher in the civilian pen industry.

That said, use of pencils was the juggaar or he life hack that saved a lot of effort to the space program at a small risk till the time it was more cost effectively produced by the industry.

Similarly while soap producers used expensive gamma rays based radiographic equipment to detect if a soap box was empty, Pakistani soap factories at Gujrat simply used a fan to blow off any empty boxes of soap which were on the roller belt.

Hence, a juggaar might not always be something rigged up - it can be the most simple alternative.

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