Friday, July 5, 2013

Downloading all attachments from your inbox

This time I want to download all the attachments in my inbox to my hard disk. There would be alternate methods, but since this one was almost already set up for me, I chose this. In one of my previous posts, I shared how to upload files from your hard disk to gmail in a one attachment per email format via SMTP and command line email. This one would be something opposite of that; infact exactly opposite of that as far as my data is concerned.

I had uploaded all my music to a gmail ID the SMTP method. Now I wanted to download it all in my office computer without having to open each email and download the attachment. I already use dropbox to sync with my office PC, so I linked the Send to dropbox app with my dropbox. The rest was easy. I used pop to download all email from my music gmail ID using another gmail ID and filtered all mp3 email attachments to forward only so that I didn't forward any other attachments I was saving:

Matches: subject:mp3 has:attachment
Do this: Apply label "Send to dropbox", Forward to

The glitch here is that gmail needs to verify IDs that it forwards emails to. And the Send to dropbox email address doesn't recieve email without attachments. To bypass this, I setup a filter before hand to forward all pop email to a email address which doesn't ask for verification before forwarding email to another ID and would forward everything to the Send to dropbox email address.

Once all set up, I get all the attachments in my dropbox and selectively synced to my office PC.

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