Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hackers' IQ Test

If you think you are good at Hacking or Juggaars, here's an IQ test for you. There are 17 hidden pages in this website. I'll be giving you only the link to the first page on this website which will not be linked to any other page. Work your way through the links on the address bar and see if you can reach upto the seventeenth page. You'll be given hints as you reach the next page. You don't get to have the hint for the first one though - it's too obvious ;)

Here's the first:


Hint 1: edit the above address to navigate ahead ;)

You'll have to think intuitively and reiterate differently each time you find the next page.

Good luck.

PS. comments have been disabled in the hidden pages. Leave any comments on this page or the facebook page. Don't leave hints in the comments though... or I'll have no choice but to delete them.

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