Thursday, June 13, 2013

Creating a Warning Dialog at Welcome in Windows XP

WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system.

To enable display of a warning message, make the following changes in the registry: 1. Start Registry Editor (Regedit).

2. Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE subtree, and then go to the following key:

SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

3. Add or modify the following values:

Name Data Type Value

LegalNoticeCaption REG_SZ Dialog Caption

LegalNoticeText REG_SZ Dialog Message

For example, the "LegalNoticeCaption" can be "Important Notice:" and the "LegalNoticeText" can be "No unauthorized access is allowed".

The user sees this dialog box after the user presses CTRL+ALT+DEL and before the user sees the logon dialog box. The user can click OK in the message box and log on normally. Quit Registry Editor.

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