Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Dream Job

Some people get a second job to get a much-needed financial boost. Evidently they save more, but they forget that they can now spend more too. Not that they should waste the entire pay on frivolous purchases, but when you work yourself to death with no change to your standard of living you definitely feel that you never had your dream job.

Instead of saving up from multiple jobs, dining out, or getting equipment to make your own life easier reduces stress. If you are thinking of building up a retirement fund for yourself; it definitely is a far-off goal, even if you appreciate it later but if work hard without any immediate rewards, you run the risk of never getting your dreams come true and atleast seemingly make your hard work look futile.

On the other hand, they say, you create your dream job yourself. What might seem mundane and tedious to others, might be enjoyable to you.

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