Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hide your files in an image: What is hidden is not what you can’t see, it is what you miss to see

Install WinRAR on your PC and add all of them in a RAR archive

For example topsecret.rar

Copy that RaR file to a folder where you will work on it.
For Example: C:/lab/

Select a JPEG image you want to use and copy it into the same folder.
For Example notsosecret.jpg

Start > Run

type "cmd" (without quotes).

A DOS window will open stating this:
"Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>"

switch to C:/lab/
type "cd\" (without quotes).
type "cd lab" (without quotes).

Now type:
COPY /b notsosecret.jpg + topsecret.rar imhidden.jpg

imhidden.jpg will appear in "C:\lab\".
Opening it normally would instead open the JPEG image. To open the secret files, use WinRAR.

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