Friday, May 24, 2013

Getting news updates on your Gtalk

Are you into reading news but don't like the news to flood your facebook home page? Don't feel comfortable with an RSS reader either or are just too lazy to open one? This Juggaar is for you then.

I previously used IFTTT in the email to SMS Juggaar. This time it's a more simpler and obvious use of the service. Another service available for the same is Zapier but if you are using it for news, your free (300) zaps will finish in a few days and  you will not get any more news till the next month.

To set up the News to Gtalk Instant message Juggaar you will need an IFTTT account and a Google account. If you don't want your chat history cluttered or just don't want to receive them on your personal account, you will need to create an extra dedicated Google account for this. In that case you might also want to sign in to two Gtalk instances by adding "/nomutex" (without quotes) in the properties of your Gtalk icon. It should then look like: "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex. Now you will be able to open multiple Gtalk instances to use with different accounts.

Once your IFTTT and Gtalk / Gmail are ready, enable the RSS channel in IFTTT. Then enable Gtalk bot channel by following IFTTT instructions (it's a simple procedure). Now create a recipe that uses your news channel's RSS feed to post to Google Talk. For example, to get google news about Pakistan on your Gtalk:

Use this rss feed to post the following msg to Gtalk: Google news: {{EntryTitle}} {{EntryUrl}}

Activate / save the recipe and click check now. You will now get news on your Gtalk as it gets published.

[Update: IFTTT Gtalk channel has been abandoned. Now you can either post the RSS to other channels like email, facebook etc or use the Zapier's Gtalk bot.]

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