Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fay ki Boli: The Language Game

"Fay" (ف), Urdu language Alphabet corresponding to the sound of F in English, can be replaced by most other consonants to form another variety. Pay ki Boli is another more complex variation of the language game.

Generally considered as a substitution cipher, it might be used just for fun or more likely to converse in privacy. Farfallino alphabet (Italian), jeringonza (Spanish/Portuguese), and Pig Latin (English) are a few Language Games similar to this.

The game is based on a simple substitution: adding an extra F before each vowel of a syllable. Insert fay in the middle of each syllable (usually before the vowel - spiting the syllable into two) in each word. In some monosyllabic words which would still be so obvious, "yay" (ی), Urdu alphabet for Y, is added at after fay and in reverse before completing the rest of the half.
  • tum (you) = tfum
  • kya (what) = kfya or kfy`yfa
  • kis (which) = kfis

Leave in comments if you have any more in mind.

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  1. will any body plz teach me how to learn fay ke boli

    1. its very easy, juct add f in between th word . like tum kaya karty ho
      tufum kafya kafartafy hofo

    2. i also wanna,can u tell me any one plz hows seek the f lan

    3. lakin sun k smj ne ayti bolana to easy h kuch

  2. It's written ye kon samjh sakta hai

  3. Bas itni si language sikhni hae aur tu mil hi nahi rahi...

  4. My name is Ali Sajjad plz tell me in fay ki boli main kaisy kahin gain


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