Thursday, May 30, 2013

Already enslaved by the bots?

You find hundreds of blogs being written for the sole purpose of unique content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that businesses sponsor to get their website rankings up on the search engines.

The content quality is often so low or the information itself is so useless that you wouldn't like to stay another second on the page. Here's how to differentiate between a blog that's written for SEO and an actual effort to provide relevant content. SEO blogs focus on appearance of words in structure. Those having an ideal keyword density get higher ranking - what people forget is this keyword density has actually been calculated from actual use of language so as to recognize which content is real and not just a repeated mention of a term. Some one writing just for SEO will not really care about what he writes; the content will be a loose collection of words forced in a sentence structure, some times even forced to form context with the key term being used.

Actual content, on the other hand, is recognizable by reading. It's what you will often call a "good read" or alteast something worth sharing (with no prejudice to the topic of interest). It is still possible to do your website's SEO without actually trying to force your way through it. If you write good quality content, you will not only automatically clear through Google's algorithms but also attract actual reader traffic on your website through social media or directly - those searching for good content find it themselves.

I'm sure nobody reads those blogs written for SEO per se, other than search engine crawlers / spiders / bots; they pay people to write and appease the bots.. we're already being enslaved by machines.

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