As soon as your website goes down or is no more accessible, you will get an email alert.

There are a few website monitoring services available to track website uptime (and downtime) but this Google Docs Juggaar (hack) is very simple and you can build or modify it yourself to match your requirements. With Google Docs, you can configured them to check your website status every minute. This means that you’ll know instantly when your site goes down. And, ofcourse, you get to have it for free.

Here is how does it. Further more, they also show how to hack around so that you even get SMS alerts. See their step wise method below. You can visit their link (given at the end) for more of their hacks - this is one of the best life hack blogs that I follow.

Website Monitor - Logs

Website Monitoring with Google Docs

It will take a minute to configure Google Docs as an uptime monitor for your website.
  1. Assuming that you are signed-in to your Google Account, click here to make a copy of the Google Docs sheet.
  2. Put your website’s URL in cell E3 and your email address in cell E5. This is the address where you wish to receive notifications for downtime and uptime.
  3. Go to Tools – > Script Editor – > Resources – > Current Script’s Triggers and set a Time-Driven trigger for every minute (or 5 minutes).
  4. Save the Trigger and Google Docs will show a big red warning asking for authorization. Just accept it and Save the trigger again.
That’s it. The Google Docs sheet will monitor your website in the background at all times and will send an email alert whenever it has trouble accessing the website. If the issue is resolved, you’ll get another notification saying “all’s well.”
Also, the downtime details (including the server responses) are logged in the Google Docs sheet itself so you can later analyze the downtime in greater detail. You can browse the source code to understand how monitoring works behind the scenes.
One more thing. If you know a bit of programming, create a new Twitter app specifically for tracking your site’s uptime and Google Docs can then alert you through tweets and SMS text messages if your site is having problems.

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